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  • Planning the breakup: the relationship between clubs and managers - Entry E
  • Whom to sue before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)? - Entry D


  • American Football in pass
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  • Sky Cover page with graduates

    How Sky Sports Insight Day helped to explain what it takes to be a lawyer

    On the 1st August 2014, Sky Sports held one of the most innovative, inspiring and rewarding projects I have been fortunate enough to be involved with during my 16 years working in the legal profession. Sky Sports invited 40 young people between 16-22-years-of-age to take part in a Sky Sports Legal “Insight Day”. The attendees were selected from the Sky Starting Out initiative in which applicants had to write a brief statement about why they would like to attend the day.
  • Woman at desk

    Successful sports lawyers, it just so happens they are all women

    Sport and the legal profession have a lot in common; one shared characteristic is that they are generally male dominated industries, particularly at the senior levels.  This was a central point of a discussion I recently had with a friend and colleague Vijay Parbat, Head of Legal, UK Sport.
  • Sport- Law and Practice Third Edition


    Book Review by Jeffery Benz - SPORT: LAW AND PRACTICE (THIRD EDITION 2014), by Adam Lewis, QC and Jonathan Taylor, published by Bloomsbury Professional, London, hardback, ISBN 978-1780431130 £235.00
    Those of us of a certain vintage remember the first three episodes Star Wars, (later known as episodes 4 through 6).  The sequels, episodes 1 through 3, never quite cut it in comparison to our memories of episodes 4 through 6; such is the risk of sequels.
  • Gary_Lineker_OBE_and_Ronaldo

    The financial life cycle of a professional footballer - Planning for retirement

    In this two part article Sam Sloma, Anna Moore and Robin Charrot chart the financial life cycle of a footballer and suggest some financial and legal ways to help players protect their wealth. In part 1 the authors plotted some of the ways young players can protect their wealth at the early stages of their career. In part 2 the authors outline how football players can protect their wealth by planing for retirement.
  • Sky Cover page with graduates
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  • Sport- Law and Practice Third Edition
  • Gary_Lineker_OBE_and_Ronaldo

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