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How the UK taxes overseas athletes and what the consequences are for UK sport

Usain Bolt
At a media conference in March 2008, Michel Platini said, in response to why the lucrative 2010 Champions League Final was not awarded to Wembley Stadium in London, "Yes, the reason was the taxes"(specifically, the taxation of overseas footballers competing in the UK). Since then, income tax exemptions have been introduced by the UK Government to entice foreign sportsmen and women to train and compete in the UK.

Disputes arising out of or relating to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Part 1

Figure Skates

This two-part article analyses pre-Game selection process disputes and disputes arising out of or relating to at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. In part one the authors provide an outline of the dispute resolution process in sport and analyse some of the pre-Games selection process disputes from Sochi. In part two the authors discuss the cases that arose form the Sochi Games and explain the mechanisms for dealing with disputes that arose from the Sochi Games.

When do sport teams' initiation ceremonies cross legal boundaries? Part 1

Class of '92
Initiation rituals are commonly used to mark the arrival of a newcomer. From welcoming a new member to a college fraternity, to an academy player graduating to the first team at a football club, they are seen as a way of engendering team spirit, promoting camaraderie and invoking a sense of quasi-brotherhood. However, they also tend to take place behind closed doors and apparently some tend to fall outside society’s generally accepted rules and principles.


Sport- Law and Practice Third Edition
Book Review by Jeffery Benz - SPORT: LAW AND PRACTICE (THIRD EDITION 2014), by Adam Lewis, QC and Jonathan Taylor, published by Bloomsbury Professional, London, hardback, ISBN 978-1780431130 £235.00
Those of us of a certain vintage remember the first three episodes Star Wars, (later known as episodes 4 through 6).  The sequels, episodes 1 through 3, never quite cut it in comparison to our memories of episodes 4 through 6; such is the risk of sequels.

Legalities and tensions surrounding Lalit Modi’s controversial RCA presidency

Lalit Modi and RCA Logo
This article will examine the legalities of Lalit Modi’s election, and the associated conflicting tensions arising between the BCCI and the RCA.
Recently, the Narendra Modi wave swept across the Indian electorate and handed the Bharatiya Janta Party (“BJP”) a commanding win in the recently concluded general elections. A little before that another Modi (Lalit Modi) registered a spectacular win in Rajasthan Cricket Association’s (“RCA”) elections that sealed his comeback in the Indian cricketing fold. 

Disputes arising out of or relating to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Part 2

Skis on Snow

In Part one of this two part series, the authors identified the relevant bodies involved in Olympic disputes and highlight various pre-Games selection procedure cases from the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Part two will focus on how disputes that occur at the games are resolved and the mechanisms involved, and will highlight the cases that arose at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and their eventual outcomes.

Following loss before the Supreme Court, Aereo “astonishes” broadcasters with new legal strategy

Aereo Logo
Shortly after its highly publicized loss before the US Supreme Court (see here), which appeared to doom its over-the-air television Internet streaming business, New York-based Aereo has asserted in federal district court that it is entitled to a compulsory license to carry over-the-air broadcasts under § 111 of the Copyright Act.

Boxing case underscores courts' reluctance to interfere in decisions of national sporting bodies

Boxing Ring
In a recent bout in the High Court, the specificity of sporting disputes once again came to the fore. In Bruce Baker v British Boxing Board of Control [2014] EWHC 2074 (QB), 25 June 2014, Sir David Eady was faced with the old chestnut of a request for a court to interfere with a national sporting body’s decision to sanction one of its participants. One interim application later, and the BBBC was still standing.

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