Travis Tygart talks Lance Armstrong and doping in Major League sport

By Sean Cottrell published on 13 May 2014

In this podcast Sean Cottrell, CEO of LawInSport, interviews Travis Tygart, Chief Executive Officer, US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

In this interview Travis talks about USADA’s experience investigating and successfully sanctioning the co-conspirators involved in the US Postal Service Cycling team doping scandal, including Lance Armstrong.

Travis also talks about anti-doping policy in US major league sport, offers advice to those working in sport who may find themselves having to fight corruption within their organisation or sport, and talks about the upcoming Sports Lawyers Association Conference in Chicago.

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Sean Cottrell

Sean Cottrell

Sean is the founder and CEO of LawInSport. Founded in 2010, LawInSport.com has become the "go to sports law website" for sports lawyers and sports executives across the world.

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