Corporal punishment still has some support in Japanese sports, despite deaths; will the culture catch up to the law?

By Matt Rogers published on 18 October 2013

In January 2013, the world learned of the physical and mental abuse suffered by 15 female judoka under the watch of the Japanese Olympic women's head coach   Ryuji Sonoda. The revelations came just a month after the suicide of a 17-year old high-school basketball captain in Osaka who was punished during training by his coach the day before.

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About the Author

Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers


Matt is a law graduate who has aspirations to become an international lawyer. His legal work experience includes that of City and regional law firms in addition to pro bono experience and extensive research into Japanese sports betting law. He has recently spent two years living in Japan to broaden his knowledge of a different culture and legal system. His sporting interests lie predominantly in football, tennis, boxing and cycling.

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