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How can instruments of good governance reduce corruption in global sport?

published on 31 August 2017

All too often the debate about how to introduce and maintain good governance, and tackle corruption in sport are discussed separately. However, the two issues are inevitably interlinked.

This panel will discuss practical ways in which sports organisation can be helped to raise their standard of governance in sport whilst reducing the risk of exposure to corruption.

At the LawInSport Annual Conference a panel of governance, sports and legal experts will provide their insights are as follows on the role of governance in addressing corruption are as follows:

  • Louis Weston, Barrister at 3PB and a member of the ICC’s Independent Anti-Corruption Oversight Group

  • Ronan O'Laoire, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer, Implementation Support Section at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

  • Katie Simmonds, Director of Sports Governance and Financial Integrity at ICSS EUROPE and member of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance

  • Lynsey Tweddle, Head of Corporate Governance at Sport England

  • Kevin Carpenter, Principal at Captivate Legal & Sports Solutions (Chairperson)

The two-day LawInSport conference will also offer unrivalled networking opportunity with the leading experts, lawyers and executives in the sports sector as well as 12 interactive panel discussions.

For further information including the full agenda and speaker list go to and details of how to book your place click here: https://www.lawinsport.com/sports-law-events/annual-conference-2017.

You can follow updates from the conference on Twitter using #LISconf17.



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