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Breaking up the exclusivity of sports broadcasts – a Hungarian lawyer's perspective

Published 22 May 2013 | Authored by: Péter Rippel-Szabó Bálint Halász

This article provides an overview of the provisions of Hungarian law addressing exclusive sports broadcasting rights in the territory of Hungary. First, the authors address the relevant provisions of the Hungarian Media Act on events of major importance to society. Secondly, the authors focus on the legal background and practical implications of fair dealing provisions for providing information as set forth in the Hungarian Copyright Act. Under certain circumstances these provisions may enable third party broadcasters to gain access to exclusively broadcasted sports events.1

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About the Author

Péter Rippel-Szabó

Péter Rippel-Szabó

Péter Rippel-Szabó is an attorney at law with Bird & Bird (Hungary) where he provides advice on sports law, corporate law, general commercial matters and competition law. Péter is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of University ELTE Budapest, co-authored the textbook 'Sports Law - The Civil Law of Sport' (Budapest 2011) and has publications in law journals and on other prominent sports websites on a regular basis.

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Bálint Halász

Bálint Halász

Bálint Halász is an attorney at law with Bird & Bird (Hungary) and member of the Council of Copyright Experts (Hungary). Bálint has significant experience in intellectual property matters, including copyright, licensing, database matters, trademarks and patents. He also advises clients in relation to data protection, IT and media matters.

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