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How the collective sale of broadcasting rights works in Turkish football

Published 06 October 2017 | Authored by: Emin Ozkurt

The Turkish Football Federation recently completed its latest tender process for broadcasting rights[1].  Turkey’s pay-TV operator Digiturk, now owned by Qatar’s beIN Group, overcame rival platform Turkcell Superonline to acquire the rights to broadcast Turkish league football for a five-year period for $500 million (expected to reach $600 million with tax).  The acquisition means that the Turkish Super League retains its position as Europe's sixth biggest league by value of broadcasting rights (see table at the end of this article).

In this context, this article explains:

  • The legal framework for the sale of broadcasting rights in Turkey;
  • The recent broadcasting rights tender and the distribution of income;

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About the Author

Emin Ozkurt

Emin Ozkurt

Emin OZKURT is a Turkish lawyer who has extensive knowledge and experience in sports law and its regulation.

Emin has a LL.M degree in International Business Law from The University of Manchester. He is currently registered at the national bar of lawyers in Istanbul.

He is privileged to have acted for many of the governing bodies that regulate the sport in Turkiye, some of the biggest Football Clubs in the country, many player and agents from around the world and also athletes.

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