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The lifecycle of an international athlete: Part 8 - Navigating the UK property market

Published 24 October 2017 | Authored by: Duncan Taylor

Wherever you wish to buy or rent a home, signing any contract relating to property can be a risky business and the UK is no exception. 

In the eighth in our series of blogs for overseas athletes and their advisers, residential property expert Duncan Taylor outlines the options available when moving to the UK and considers the related pros and cons. Specifically, we examine:

  • What are the options for renting a home?

  • How long is a typical rental agreement?

  • What are these agreements called in the UK?

  • Can my landlord refuse to return my deposit at the end of the term?

  • Is the landlord entitled to check my immigration1 status?

  • Are there any other pitfalls?

  • Can I end the tenancy early if my circumstances change?

  • Is any tax payable on taking a tenancy agreement?

  • What if I want to buy a home for investment as well as a residence?

  • What other outgoings are there?

  • What else can I do to protect myself?

  • Can I buy a home through a company?

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About the Author

Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor

Penningtons Manches partner Duncan Taylor specialises in all aspects of commercial and residential property in the firm’s real estate division.

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