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An update on Financial Fair Play - Case study: the Neymar Transfer

Published 25 September 2017 | Authored by: Michael Savva

Neymar's recent transfer from FC Barcelona ("Barcelona") to Paris Saint German FC ("PSG") has invoked much debate, primarily surrounding PSG's compliance with UEFA's Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations (more commonly known as the "FFP Regulations").

This article summarises certain relevant aspects of the FFP Regulations in the context of such a transfer and addresses certain issues around the implications of such a transfer on the regulations themselves.  Specifically, it looks at:

  • What is Financial Fair Play – brief background and reminder?

  • Who is subject to the FFP Regulations?

  • "Sweetening" the break-even test

  • Inconsistency in UEFA's approach toward "sugar daddies"

  • Neymar and PSG: the transfer and the investigation

  • Sanctions for non-compliance with FFP

  • Financial doping

  • Neymar and PSG: Commercial and other justifications

  • Have the FFP Regulations had the desired effect to date?

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About the Author

Michael Savva

Michael Savva

Michael is a Solicitor in the Asset Finance practice at Watson, Farley & Williams LLP. He specializes in advising clients in relation to sports finance including: loan finance, financing of broadcasting and ticket revenues and the player transfer finance.


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