India cricket captain sues broadcaster while Indian Boxing Federation want to reform governance


Mehendra Singh Dhoni
Published 27 March 2014 | Authored by: Manali Kulkarni

India’s National Cricket Team Captain sues Zee TV for defamation

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s cricket captain and captain of IPL team Chennai Super Kings, “has sued the private television network Zee TV for defamation,” according to a BCC News India article.

Dhoni filed suit in Madras High Court for 100 crore rupees (9.8 million in GBP) in damages against the defendants for “showing false reports suggesting his involvement in betting and match fixing.” A Financial Express article identified “Zee Media Corporation Limited, Zee News Editor and Business Head Sudhir Chaudary, IPS officer G Sampath Kumar (who initially probed the IPL betting scam) and News Nation network private limited” as the defendants. A Financial Express article further explained that Dhoni filed the case “for allegedly telecasting "malicious" news that he was involved in betting, spot and match fixing of IPL matches,” and for “carrying highly defamatory, scandalous and libellous false reports and statements since February 11, 2014.” 

The court has banned Zee TV from reporting on any further news relating to Dhoni for the next two weeks on March 18, 2014.

According to a NDTV News article, Zee TV has denied Dhoni’s allegations, arguing that “it had telecast the story that was based on Vindu Dara Singh and IPS officer Sampat Kumar's statements during the sting operation which was telecast on February 24 and 28, 2014 respectively by Zee Media Corporation,” as well as Mudgal Committee’s IPL Probe Report. Zee TV further explained that other media groups had already publicly released all broadcasts regarding Dhoni, which Zee may have used.  In its own Zee News article, Zee Media Corporation Limited stated that “its coverage in this regard has not been aimed to malign either any individual or body,” and continues to hold that it provides “credible journalism.” Zee Media has already filed an “intervention application on March 7, 2014” with evidence to the Supreme Court of India.

Aside from the two-week ban on Zee TV relating to any news about Dhoni, the Court has yet to release a statement on how it will proceed with the case.

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Indian Boxing Federation submits new “vision document” to the AIBA

With what appears to be an effort to lift the Indian Boxing Federation (IBF)’s derecognized status, former Secretary General P K Muralidharan Raja and his team submitted a new “vision document” to the International Boxing Association (AIBA), outlining how the IBF plans to improve Indian boxing by “promising to implement AIBA proposals,” according to a Times of India article.

With the support of 23 of 35 states, the IBF promises to “restore the sport to its original glory.” One of the most intriguing clauses in the IBF’s new vision proposal to the AIBA was that “Arjuna Awardees and boxers of repute will form the backbone of the Selection Committee of the new Boxing Federation.” These former boxers will be responsible for the selection process at both national and international level boxing tournaments. Additionally, the IBF document promised to hold “free and fair elections” for the new IBF within the first six months. The proposal also expressed the IBF’s plans to write its constitution according to AIBA requirements. The document to the AIBA explained that the IBF wants to reintroduce the World Series of Boxing in India as well as starting the AIBA Professional Boxing Programme, providing Indian boxers opportunities for “world fights.” Lastly, along with planning to focus on “facilities and training” for Indian boxing, Raja’s team’s vision “promises to have at least one major international (boxing) event in India for both men and women.

The IBF has yet to set a date for new elections, which is AIBA’s requirement for IBF’s membership to be recognized. (See previous post on IBF’s derecognition).

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