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The lifecycle of an international athlete: Part 4 – Dealing with branding and image rights

Published 26 September 2017 | Authored by: Gavin Stenton

In the fourth in Pennington Manches’ series of blogs for international athletes and their advisers, trade marks specialist Gavin Stenton explains the key legal points they should consider when coming to compete in the UK.

For athletes and sports personalities, in their capacity as “brand owners”, registering their personal brands is an important investment that generates significant practical, commercial and legal benefits, and enables them to prevent unauthorised usage and take full advantage of any licensing and/or other commercial opportunities.

This blog explores some of the core intellectual property rights that might form part of an athlete’s brand portfolio. Specifically it looks at:

  • How does the protection of image rights in England and Wales compare to other countries?

  • Is there anywhere image rights can be registered? 

  • Are there alternative means of protecting image rights in the UK?

    • Passing off

    • Registered Trade Marks

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About the Author

Gavin Stenton

Gavin Stenton

As a partner at Penningtons Manches and a trade marks specialist, Gavin provides strategic brand protection advice to brand owners, ranging from multinational corporations and international organisations to SMEs and private individuals. Operating in a wide variety of industry sectors including sport, he handles all aspects of trade mark filing and prosecution before the UKIPO, OHIM and WIPO, and regularly collaborates with his global network of trade mark agents on extensive international registration programmes. Gavin is fluent in French and is the editor of Penningtons Manches’ trade mark bulletin, On the MarkTM.

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