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Legal 500, 2021
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| Conor Hume; Ansgar Fassbender, Dr. Joseph Fesenmair | Key Cases & Developments, COVID19, Media Rights, Baseball, Esports, Bird & Bird, Sports, Football, Blogs, Hockey, Articles

Sports Technology And Media Rights - The Year In Review 2020/2021

2020/2021 has been a year like no other for everyone, and the commercial sports world is no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in early 2020, largely bringing spor...


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| Conor Hume and Craig Giles | Media Rights, Basketball, Cricket, Bird & Bird, Sports, Commercial, Blogs, Articles

How Brexit Affects Sports Broadcasting In The UK And Europe

Even before the Brexit vote, the UK broadcasting industry has in recent years been faced with a high degree of legal ...

An Introduction To The ELF - Europe's New Professional American Football League

Recently, a stir was caused by a press release[1] announcing plans to launch the European League of Football (EL...
| Francine Cunningham and Conor Hume | Media Rights, Bird & Bird, Sports, Blogs, Articles, Intellectual Property

How the EU’s newly proposed Digital Services Act could benefit the sports industry

In a bid to achieve "technological sovereignty", the European Commission has unveiled a wide-ranging package of propo...

Addressing Participant Welfare And Safeguarding Issues In Sports Disciplinary Investigations

Anyone who is the subject of a disciplinary investigation will, almost inevitably, be placed under a degree of stress...
| Ansgar Fassbender, Dwayne Bach | COVID19, Bird & Bird, Contract, Employment, Articles

Fired for breaching coronavirus rules: key points from the Joshiko Saibou case

The authors’ prior article (available here[1]) discussed how German professional basketball player, Joshiko Saibou, h...
Football huddle

Sports safety: should it be mandatory to report child protection & safeguarding concerns?

It is essential to any child protection and safeguarding system that concerns about the safety of those the system is...
Youth Player

FIFA Guardians and why international federations should play a greater role in safeguarding sport

An international approach to safeguarding in sport is something that is far less developed than it should be, with re...
Long Jumper
| Jonathan Taylor QC | Athletics, Anti-Doping, Bird & Bird, Sports, Dispute Resolution , Articles

Assessing contamination and thresholds under the World Anti-Doping Code: an advocate’s view on Lawson v IAAF (CAS 2019/A/6313)

This article is part of a series of articles by LawInSport looking from different perspectives at the important issue...
| Péter Rippel-Szabó | Bird & Bird, Articles, Regulation & Governance, Tax Law

A guide to Hungary’s new legal framework for international sports federations

In Hungary, the legislative framework for sports is set out in Act I of 2004 on Sports (the Sports Act), which contai...
Title image of Jonathan Taylor QC podcast on WADA CRC Recommendations

Jonathan Taylor QC explains WADA's decision to sanction Russia

In this interview, Jonathan Taylor QC, chair of WADA's Independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) & Co-Head of...
Football players on field running after the ball
| Rebecca OKelly-Gillard & Chris Lavey | Bird & Bird, Sports, Football, Commercial, Articles, Intellectual Property

Top of the league: How football clubs protect and exploit their brands in a global marketplace

b The 2017/18 Premier League season kicks off today and the revenues of the league and its football clubs continue t...

Breaking up the exclusivity of sports broadcasts – a Hungarian lawyer's perspective

This article provides an overview of the provisions of Hungarian law addressing exclusive sports broadcasting rights ...

Exploitation of sports rights under the Hungarian Sports Act

Optimised exploitation of sports rights is a central issue from the viewpoint of Hungarian sports rights owners. Alth...

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