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Michele Colucci

Avvocato and Founder, Sports Law and Policy Centre

 Michele Colucci

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Michele Colucci, Ph.D., LL.M., D.E.S., member of the Bar in Italy, is a civil servant of the European Union, Brussels.

Founder and Honorary President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association (, he is the Scientific Director of the Sports Law and Policy Centre ( and Director of the Executive Programme in International Sports Law - SLPC (Ravello).

He is the Editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Sports Law (, currently composed of 39 national monographs and published by Kluwer Law International.

He is the Scientific Director of the Rivista di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport (, the European Sports Law and Policy Bulletin ( and co-ordinator of the International Sports Law Journals Platform (

He has been lecturing in sports law in several universities and LLM programmes (MESGO – UEFA, ISDE – Madrid, SLPC - Rome, College of Europe – Bruges and Parma, Tilburg, Leuven and Naples, CEU Valencia).

He has been member of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber for two mandates (from 2001 to 2011) and Arbitrator of the European Handball Federation Court of Sport.

He edited 6 books and he wrote extensively in the field of Sports Law, namely on:

Contractual Stability in Football,
Training compensation,
Employment relationship in Sport,
International and Comparative Sports Justice,
FIFA Intermediaries,
Disciplinary Procedures in Football.

See here the complete List of Publications.

He is particularly proud to have conceived and promoted in 2010 the idea of an Erasmus Sports Programme for all amateur athletes in the European Union (