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Samuel Renaut

Asst. Director, Sports Law & Business; Coaches' Agent, Attorney, Arizona State University

Samuel Renaut

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Sam Renaut is the Director of ASU Law’s Sports Law & Business program. He is at the forefront of developing and growing the program, including curriculum, professional development, career services, strategic partnerships, fundraising, and more.

Professor Renaut officially joined the program in 2015, and he was one of the driving forces behind its creation as a student of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law from 2008-2011. He works with students as a career advisor, helping to develop and implement independent studies and internships, graduate assistantships, and other experiential opportunities in the sports industry. He further develops the ASU Online MLS in Sports Law and Business degree program, and teaches online courses in Sports Career Planning, Sports Law, Professional Sports Law, and curates the Special Topics in Sports Law course. He is also the director of the newly launched Veterans Sports Law and Business distance learning program for active duty and retired military personnel who aspire toward meaningful careers in sports, and will be launching a formal Sports Law and Business concentration for JD students, in addition to a JD/MSLB concurrent degree program starting in 2018.

Professor Renaut has spoken to students and organizations across the United States on the merits of entering the sports industry, the legal and business ramifications of sports decision making, and the complex world of athlete representation.

Prior to taking over as a program director, Professor Renaut served as an NFL Agent, representing NFL players in their careers on and off the field, as well as NFL and collegiate football coaches. He also represented media and TV personalities in their contract negotiations. As an ASU Law student, he was the founding editor-in-chief of the Sports Law and Entertainment Journal. Before law school, Professor Renaut worked in sports information, worked as a stringer for the Capital Gazette covering high school sports, and served as an account manager for DVSport, servicing the ACC, SEC, Big East, Big Ten, and Pac 12 accounts for their football instant replay needs.

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