Tiger Woods loses

Published 06 January 2010

By Gary Rice, Beauchamps Solicitors

He may be the world’s first billion dollar sportsperson, but US golfer Tiger Woods recently lost a domain name dispute over charlieaxelwoods.com, which is the name of his second son (less the .com bit). Charlie was born on the 8th of February 2009 and the domain name was registered by godaddy.com on the 9th of February.

Godaddy.com offered the domain name for sale on eBay on the 18th of February suggesting that it could be sold for a lot of money. Unsurprisingly, Tiger has his own trademark and suggested that his trademark had acquired such a high degree of distinctiveness that the charlieaxelwoods.com name should be protected. The arbitration body decided that the disputed domain name was not identical or confusingly similar to the Tiger Woods trademark and that Charlie Axel Woods was not a common law trade mark. He had to lose sometime.

Article obtained from www.beauchamps.ie, the website of Beauchamps Solicitors. Article reproduced with their kind permission.

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