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Published 03 March 2015

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Disciplinary and Appeals Panel Chair / Member

Base: Intermittent Panel Hearings at Woodhall Spa or alternative venue where appropriate.
Appointment: 3 Years
Closing date: Tuesday 7th April 2015 at 1 pm (GMT)
Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 24th April 2015.

This is a voluntary position and no remuneration will be paid for carrying out these duties, although reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

What we do

England Golf is the governing body for amateur golf in England and is one of the largest sports governing bodies in England looking after the interests of over 1,900 golf clubs and 710,000 men and women club members.


Purpose of Panel

To act as decision making panels in relation to disciplinary and appeal hearings, including but not limited to: Discipline, Equality, Anti-Doping, Safeguarding and Squad Selection.


  • To attend intermittent panels as they arise during the year.
  • To sit as a member of one or other of the Panels to adjudicate on issues brought before it
  • To be a member of a body from which mediators, arbitrators and experts can be drawn to resolve issues referred to mediation, arbitration or determination by expert


Committee members shall be expected to have the following skills or experience:

  • Knowledge of one or more of the following areas: Legal / Disciplinary process, Equality, Anti-Doping, Safeguarding; elite golf; the rules of Golf and/or unified handicapping as applied by CONGU.
  • To have an understanding of golf at grass roots and/or elite amateur level.
  • To be able to give time as required (sometimes at weekends and/or evenings) to travel to and attend Panel or Arbitration Committee hearings or as may be required for mediation or expert determination.
  • To be able to relate to and communicate with all those involved in such processes with understanding and insight into their situations and concerns.
  • To be able to assess the quality and quantity of evidence and argument brought before a Panel or Arbitration Committee in an open, practical and fair-minded way and to be decisive in conclusions.
  • To observe the fundamental objective of securing as expeditiously as possible a just outcome to all issues.
  • Above all to be and to be seen to be entirely impartial and without prejudice in determining issues strictly within the framework of the current England Golf Policies and procedures.

Your application and closing date

You should submit your application using the form here.  This can be submitted via email or post and the form can be downloaded from our website at www.englandgolf.org/vacancies.  

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 7th April at 1pm.  Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 24th April 2015.

The appointment process

All of the positions are being openly recruited.  

All applications will be assessed by a panel.  If interviews are required these may take place over the phone, Skype or at a mutually convenient date. If the panel feel that face to face interviews are not required they may appoint based on information contained within the application form and telephone interviews. It is important that applicants complete the form by providing as much relevant information as possible.

Should you require any further information, please contact the Human Resources Department at England Golf on 01526 351845.


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