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An interview with Despina Mavromati, sports lawyer, former CAS managing counsel & co-founder of WISLaw

Published 31 October 2017 | Authored by: Sean Cottrell


In this interview Despina Mavromati, principal of SportLegis, former Managing Counsel at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and co-founder of Women In Sports Law (WISLaw) speaks to LawInSport's CEO, Sean Cottrell (@spcott) about her career, sports arbitration and need for greater female representation in sports law. You can follow Despina on Twitter @d_mavromati and Women In Sports Law @WISLaw_

Despina addresses the following questions in the interview:

1:47: Please can you tell us more about Women in Sports Law?

11:02: How did you get into sports law?

11:40: Given that you are originally from Greece, what brought you to Switzerland?

17:02: How did your career progress?

18:24: What all are you doing now?

22:23: How many students are on the course?

25:04: What are you looking to do next? What is the plan next?


For more podcasts, videos, articles, events and news focused sports law visit LawInSport.com or follow us on Twitter @LawInSport. You can follow the host Sean Cottrell on Twitter at @spcott.

It can be listened to on Soundcloud, iTunes or most Android podcast apps.



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Sean Cottrell

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