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The art of million dollar sports media rights deals: An interview with Bobby Hacker

Published 26 July 2017 | Authored by: Sean Cottrell

In this podcast, Bobby Hacker, former VP Business and Legal Affairs at FOX Sports speaks to Sean Cottrell, LawInSport's CEO, about his views on the media rights market, the interplay between social media and online streaming platforms with broadcasters, and his journey into sports law, specifically media rights. Bobby also provides an inside look into his own career.

Bobby provides his unique viewpoint on the necessity to never portray doubt when approaching deals, the significance of teamwork, the importance of humility, and the value of maintaining perspective throughout one's career.

Bobby specifically addresses the following:

  • His thoughts on the media rights market at the moment and the trends he is seeing

  • The role of live streaming platforms such as Amazon and their interplay with broadcasters - are they partners or a threat to broadcasters?

  • His journey into sports media rights

  • The biggest highlight of his career thus far

For more podcasts, videos, articles, events and news focused sports law visit LawInSport.com or follow us on Twitter @LawInSport. You can follow the host Sean Cottrell on Twitter at @spcott.

It can be listened to on Soundcloud, iTunes or most Android podcast apps.



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Sean Cottrell

Sean Cottrell

Sean is the founder and CEO of LawInSport. Founded in 2010, LawInSport has become the "go to sports law website" for sports lawyers and sports executives across the world.

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