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Esport Integrity Coalition (ESIC) need panel members

Job Title: Disciplinary Panel Member
Company Name: Esport Integrity Coalition (ESIC)
Closing date: 15 November 2016

1. Relevant definitions from ESIC Programme

Anti-Corruption Tribunal: A panel of three persons (subject to Article 5.1.6 of the Anti-Corruption Code) appointed by the Integrity Commissioner, to perform the functions assigned to the Anti-Corruption Tribunal under the Anti-Corruption Code. Each member of the Anti-Corruption Tribunal shall be a member of the ESIC Panel and ESIC may provide reasonable compensation and reimbursement of expenses to such members.

Disciplinary Panel: the group of three members of the ESIC Panel appointed by the Chairman of the ESIC Panel to hear matters referred to them in terms of the Disciplinary Procedure.

Disciplinary Procedures: the disciplinary procedures set out in the Programme to deal with any alleged breach of any part of the Programme. 

ESIC Panel: A group of respected experts with Esports and, ideally, legal experience appointed by the ESIC Executive Board to provide independent enquiries, investigations and rulings, including appeals, in relation to matters brought to its attention. Each member of the ESIC Panel shall be independent of ESIC, which may provide reasonable compensation and reimbursement of expenses to such members. 

2. Overall role

A Member of the ESIC (Disciplinary) Panel must have the requisite characteristics, skills, knowledge and experience to assist ESIC (and the Chairperson) to achieve its mission, “to be the recognised guardian of the integrity of esports and to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating…”

3. Selection Criteria

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