Jessica van der Meer

Jessica van der Meer

Jessica is a Barrister at 2 Temple Gardens. Her work embraces the wide range of 2TG’s specialisations: negligence, commercial, international, public and sports law.

Her sports related practice covers all major sports with a particularfocus onanti-doping cases (WADA and on a national level) in cycling and weightlifting.

X v UKAD [2017] Jessica obtained a reduced suspension for a British weightlifter in a UKAD appeal.

Jessica’s background in international and insurance work makes her a strong advocate and adviser in sport-related injuries that have commercial, jurisdictional and/or insurance implications.

She has also been involved in cases at the intersection of public law and sport. Working with Martin Porter QC, Jessica has advised on and brought the first statutory appeals to challenge various Councils’ decisions to institute a Public Spaces Protection Order("PSPO")in the High Court.

Summers v London Borough of Richmond [2018] Jessica and Martin Porter QC represent the Kennel Club in the first statutory appeal to be brought to the High Court challenging a PSPO restricting dog walking within the borough of Richmond. Judgment is expected in April 2018.

Michaelsv Mansfield District Council [2017] Jessica and Martin Porter QC advised Cycling Defence Fundon bringing a statutory appeal challenging the Council’s decision to institute a PSPO prohibiting cycling in a main market square.

Outside of Chambers, Jessica is a keen cyclist, a world loppet enthusiast (having completed the Engadin ski marathon), long distance runner and an experienced rower, having represented the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) in the women’s eight internationally.

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