The issue of racism, The FA hearing & John Terry

Published 24 September 2012 By: Daniel Geey

The issue of racism, The FA hearing & John Terry

In case it matters to people, I should state up front that I am a Liverpool fan.

The aim of this blog is not to go into the press storm about whether the FA was right to remove Terry's captaincy prior to the criminal trial but to highlight a number of important points set out in the Magistrates Court decision ahead of the FA Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) Hearing. The FA Hearing takes place after Terry's criminal acquittal in the Magistrates Court. Similarly, this blog is not full dissection of what came to light in the Magistrates Court but rather to assess some of the conclusions that were made and their significance for the FA Hearing.


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Daniel Geey

Daniel Geey

Daniel is a Partner in the Sport Group.

Daniel’s practice focuses on helping clients in the sports sector, including rights holders, leagues, governing bodies, clubs, agencies, athletes, sports technology companies, broadcasters and financial institutions.

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