Sports Authority of India prepares to argue Chand’s hyperandrogenism case to IAAF

Published 10 September 2014 By: Manali Kulkarni

Dutee Chand

On July 15, Indian sprinter, Dutee Chand, was temporarily banned by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) for hyperandrogenism, preventing her from competing in future national and international events in the female category including the Commonwealth Games and now the Asian Games.1

On August 22, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) advised Chand to take her case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the hope of having the IAAF’sand IOC’srespective hyperandrogenism regulations amended and her ban lifted.4 It is understood she has not made a decision on this yet.

However, the SAI has written a letter to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (Sports Ministry) asking to represent Chand’s case before the IAAF and attempt to have her temporary ban lifted.5


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Manali Kulkarni

Manali Kulkarni

Manali is currently a second year (2L) JD Candidate at the University of Maine School of Law. She was previously the COO at LawInSport and continues to be an executive contributor of the editorial board for LawInSport. She holds an LLM in Sports Law from Nottingham Law School (Nottingham Trent University). During the fall of her second year in Portland, Maine, Manali also had the opportunity to be the legal intern at Global Sports Advocates.

Manali previously researched on sports and society in India, specifically focusing on the influence of sport on the gender divide in India. She joined LawInSport in September 2013 as a research assistant providing updates on Indian sports law. She is currently back in her hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, for a visiting semester at the University of Memphis School of Law.

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