Concussion debate rolls on and player sanctioned for pushing referee

European rugby law update 11 March 2014 Published 11 March 2014 By: Henry Elkington

Lewis Moody


Concussion issues coming to a head?

Players such as Rory Lamont, Alex Corbisiero and Lewis Moody have spoken out against the attitude towards and protocols involved surrounding concussion.

Barry O’Driscoll, uncle to Irish centre Brian O’Driscoll and former medical advisor to the International Rugby Board (IRB), spoke about the issue in the newly released documentary- ‘Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis’. O’Driscoll resigned from his post in protest to his nephew being allowed to return to the field of action against France in March of last year. He claimed that had “been allowed in the United States, during an American football match, then the officials involved would have been sacked.” Recent research has revealed that injuries to the head may put a player at risk of succumbing to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in later life. This was formerly known as “punch drunk syndrome”, traditionally linked with boxers.


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Henry Elkington

Henry Elkington

Henry is an aspiring sports lawyer, currently completing his GDL in Cardiff. Henry graduated from the Cardiff University with a B.A. in History and Philosophy. He has a passion for all sports especially rugby and tennis having played for the first team at Cardiff University.

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