Fouls and intent in the not so beautiful game

Published 22 March 2013 By: Kevin Carpenter

Two incidents of foul play in football this month have had the English football fraternity, and further afield, in feverish debate. I have made known my (hopefully) balanced views on social media as both a supporter and football match official. Yet I continue to be agitated (to say the least) by the continued misunderstanding of the Laws of the Game, particularly the notion of intent. So my sports law blog this week seeks to provide some insight and inform the debate.


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Kevin Carpenter

Kevin Carpenter

Kevin is a advisor and member of the editorial board for LawInSport, having previously acted as editor. In his day-to-day work he has two roles: as the Principal for his own consultancy business Captivate Legal & Sports Solutions, and Special Counsel for Sports Integrity at leading global sports technology and data company Genius Sports.

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