How can you increase diversity in English football management without a ‘Rooney Rule’? - Episode 25

Published 22 October 2014 By: Sean Cottrell

Rooney Rule podcast image

The lack of representation of ethic minorities at coaching and management levels in English football has been widely discussed in the media over recents weeks and months. The debate on how to improve representation of minorities in football has largely been framed around the adoption of something akin to the NFL’s ‘Rooney Rule’. However, whilst it is positive that this is hitting the headlines and raising awareness of the issue much of the debate has overlooked legal practicalities of applying such a rule to English football. 


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Sean Cottrell

Sean Cottrell

Sean is the founder and CEO of LawInSport. Founded in 2010, LawInSport has become the "go to sports law website" for sports lawyers and sports executives across the world.

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