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  • 10th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition: January 18-20, 2017

10th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition: January 18-20, 2017

10th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition: January 18-20, 2017

Press Release

Thanks to the competitors and guest arbitrators who participated in the 9th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition, and thanks to Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association for their continued sponsorship of the event. Registration for the 10th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition will open in September.



The National Baseball Arbitration Competition, run by the Tulane Sports Law Society, is a simulated salary arbitration competition modeled closely on the procedures used by Major League Baseball (MLB). Like most law school moot court competitions, the National Baseball Arbitration Competition's main goal is to provide participants with the opportunity to sharpen their oral and written advocacy skills. However, the competition is unique in that it allows law students to sharpen these skills within the specialized context of MLB's salary arbitration proceedings. The competition is held annually in the early part of the spring academic semester at Tulane University Law School. Additionally, at the conclusion of the arbitration competition the Sports Law Society hosts a panel of experts to discuss legal issues related to baseball.

Please check out Jerry Crasnick's ESPN story on the competition. It can be found here: Jerry Crasnick's TNBAC Story 



2017 Registration Materials

2017 Registration Forms



2017 Competition Rules

Written Material Scoring Guide

Oral Argument Scoring Guide

Sample Brief (University of Ottawa, 2015)

Sample Exhibit (University of Ottawa, 2015)

Sample Hearing Video (Final Hearing, 2015)

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Arbitration Guide



Congratulations to the following teams and participants:

Champions: University of Virginia (Ben Weyman and Henry Morris)

Runner-Up: St. John's University (Rob Vogel, Shawn Heide, and Sean McGrath)

Quarterfinalist: Fordham University (Matt Garber, Ross Fiedler, and Jared Wiesel)

Quarterfinalist: John Marshall (James Nowak, Joseph Stacho, and Ben Pavur)



  • Paloma Ahmadi (Counsel - Labor Relations, MLB)
  • Scott Barber (Player Agent, Ballengee Group)
  • Cameron Barwick (Coordinator - Salary and Contract Administration, MLB)
  • Greg Dreyfuss (Staff Counsel, MLBPA)
  • Damon Jones (General Counsel, Washington Nationals)
  • Storm Kirschenbaum (C.O.O., Jackson Management Group)
  • Matt Kleine (Manager - Baseball Operations, Milwaukee Brewers)
  • Marc Kligman (Player Agent, Total Care Sports Management)
  • Nick Krall (Assistant General Manager, Cincinnati Reds)
  • Caleb Peiffer (Manager - Baseball Operations, Seattle Mariners)
  • Dave Prouty (General Counsel, MLBPA)
  • Jay Reisinger (Partner, Farrell and Reisinger)
  • Derek Smith (Director - Special Projects, MLB)
  • Scott Pearson (Player Agent, Relativity Sports)
  • Alex Winsberg (General Counsel, Los Angeles Angels)




  • Kole Calhoun [LAA]: $3.4MM (Actual: $3.6MM)
  • D.J. LeMahieu [COL]: $2.95MM (Actual: $3.05MM)
  • Nate Eovaldi [NYY]: $5.575MM (Actual: $5.6MM)
  • Derek Norris [SDP]: $2.98MM (Actual: $2.925MM) [Intraschool]


  • Jenrry Mejia [NYM]: $2.6MM (Actual: $2.595MM)
  • Lorenzo Cain [KCR]: $2.725MM (Actual: $2.725MM)
  • Mark Trumbo [ARI]: $6.4MM (Actual: $6.9MM)


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the competition, please contact Baseball Arbitration Co-Chairs Alex Heath, Kevin Watts, or Spencer Low by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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