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641 European clubs to receive UEFA EURO 2016 benefits

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2 February 2017

Distribution of more than €150m benefits clubs from 54 associations and 100 leagues

In accordance with the 2012 Memorandum of Understanding between ECA and UEFA, a total of €150m from the UEFA EURO 2016 revenues was made available to clubs for their significant contribution to the success of the UEFA EURO 2016 and national team football in general.

In total, 641 European clubs from 54 national associations received a share of the benefits. This represents a further increase in beneficiaries (+11.5%) compared to the distribution relating to the UEFA EURO 2012 for which 575 clubs received payments.

With €150m available, €50m was set aside for clubs which released players for the EURO qualifiers during the 2014/15 and 2015/16 season, while the remaining €100m was shared among clubs which released players for the final tournament. A leftover from the UEFA EURO 2012 (€744’937) was added to the amount for the qualification phase. 

In accordance with the detailed distribution mechanism agreed between ECA and UEFA, clubs received an amount per player released for each qualifying match, and a fixed amount per player for each day the player was present at the final tournament in France. Details of the distribution mechanism can be accessed here.

The top 10 clubs entitled to benefit from solidarity payments from UEFA EURO 2016 are:

Club Total Amount EURO Qualifiers Final Tournament
Juventus € 3'484'875.38 € 361’005.25 € 3'123'870.13
Liverpool FC € 3'394’511.33 € 386’340.10 € 3'008'171.23
Tottenham Hotspur FC € 3'066'138.48 € 368'908.02 € 2'697'230.46
Manchester United FC € 2'997'731.85 € 416'200.28 € 2'581'531.56
FC Bayern München € 2'898'339.94 € 345'733.10 € 2'552'606.84
Real Madrid CF € 2'524’835.57 € 471'180.21 € 2'053'655.36
Arsenal FC € 2'463'222.34 € 409'566.98 € 2'053'655.36
FC Barcelona € 2'352'693.90 € 335'194.44 € 2'017'499.46
AS Roma € 2'124'904.29 € 317'109.08 € 1'807'795.21
Southampton FC € 2'094’099.34 € 351’384.75 € 1'742'714.59

For the full list of clubs and the total amount by each club, see below:

List of Clubs entitled to a share in the UEFA EURO 2016 Club Participation Benefits*

* Subject to final confirmation once clubs sign the Club Application Form, in which they agree in particular to support national team competitions and to comply with the FIFA regulations on the release of players.


Commenting on the solidarity payments, ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said:

Clubs are investing substantial resources in the development of players, who contribute to the sporting and financial success of national team football. Therefore, it is important and fair to recognise and reward the clubs for the release of their players. ECA is pleased that a serious agreement was found with UEFA, which benefits so many clubs from across Europe.

For UEFA EURO 2020, the agreed amount to be distributed among the clubs is set at 8% of the gross revenues of the event with a minimum guarantee of €200m. 

For more key facts and figures, see the dedicated ECA Analysis.

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