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An update on our funding of futsal at both elite and grassroots level

The FA

As a result of the unavoidable budget cuts associated with COVID-19, we can announce that funding will no longer be provided for elite England Futsal teams and will significantly reduce for grassroots Futsal from this season onwards.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the FA and as an organisation we are currently planning for potential losses of approximately £300m. We have to prioritise our core functions that regulate and serve English football and also have a duty to support our men’s and women’s senior teams in their efforts to win major tournaments. This has led to difficult financial choices, but ultimately has forced us to focus more than ever on our key priorities.

Despite this decision, we recognise that Futsal still provides important alternative opportunities for youth and adults to participate through the National Futsal Series, National Futsal League, BUCS, AoC and local Futsal leagues.

Futsal also continues to be a game for developing football players and improving young players' footballing abilities. As part of this, the FA Pokémon Youth Cup will continue to be an opportunity for us to help younger players develop their football skills.

Additionally, grassroots coaches will still be able to access learning opportunities to support their understanding of Futsal and enable them to progress into UEFA Futsal courses if they choose.

The FA and its relevant committee are currently reviewing the current ‘Fast Forward with Futsal’ strategy, along with the future governance model in light of the significant reduction in funding.

We also recognise the England Futsal team may progress further in Futsal EURO 2022 and we will provide a further update on this in due course, if required.

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