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Athletics Integrity Unit partners with British Gambling Commission for IAAF World Championships Betting Integrity Programme

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Press Release 

1 August 2017

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has today entered a strategic partnership with the British Gambling Commission to manage reports of suspicious betting activity in connection with the IAAF World Championships London 2017, which takes place from 4 – 13 August at the London Stadium. 

Under the arrangements of the partnership, any reported suspicious or irregular betting activity related to the Championships will be investigated by the AIU and disciplinary proceedings brought if necessary under the Integrity Code of Conduct. The AIU will work principally with the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit of Britain’s Gambling Commission with whom formal information sharing protocols are already established. Arrangements will also be in place to share information with the UK's criminal authorities where potential breaches of criminal law are identified.

It is our responsibility at the AIU to stamp out any and all forms of corruption and ethical misconduct in athletics, and that includes illegitimate betting practices,” said Athletics Integrity Unit Chair, David Howman. “The Gambling Commission can gather information and intelligence about potential breaches to betting regulations that could be very valuable to the AIU and the sport of athletics as we look to protect the World Championships from corrupt behaviour. It is the duty of the AIU and its partners to pursue a programme that upholds the integrity of the sport and puts clean athletics first. That is what this partnership with the Gambling Commission aims to achieve,” added Howman.

We welcome the proactive steps taken by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) to protect and deter against betting-related corruption throughout the IAAF World Athletics Championships,” said Gambling Commission Programme Director, Richard Watson. “With the championships taking place in the United Kingdom and events being televised, it’s likely there will be an increase in betting volumes on athletics. We have agreed reporting mechanisms with the AIU to identify and escalate any potential risks or threats to sports betting integrity.

The Commission will also be supported by a number of its European partners throughout the Championships via the Council of Europe’s Copenhagen Group. This is the first time that the AIU has conducted a betting integrity exercise with a Gambling Commission, and aims to be the start of a long-term strategic partnership.

There are stringent betting regulations concerning athletics competitions and events, and it is the AIU’s responsibility to ensure that athletes and others in the athletics community adhere to these at all times.

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