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Austrian Handball Leagues and Sportradar agree on long-term data partnership


Press Release

23rd August 2018

The two highest Austrian Handball Leagues, the spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE, are proud to announce a landmark partnership with Sportradar today. Sportradar will become the leagues‘ official data partner ahead of the upcoming 2018/19 season.

Under the agreement, Sportradar will be granted the right to exclusively collect, archive and distribute “Official spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE Data” to both the media and betting industry, and to the spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE and its teams. The partnership is a multi-year deal that will see the two parties work together across the next decade.

The spusu LIGA is the premier men’s handball division in Austria. Under the agreement, Sportradar will collect the data generated by both the first and second division, as well as the Super Cup and annual All-Star Game competitions. Sportradar will also provide and implement a tailor-made live scouting system for all events and will ensure the highest data quality through its data processing control.

Furthermore, Sportradar will also provide the spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE with its “Live Sports Centre” solution. The “Live Sports Centre” is a content visualisation tool with extensive live statistics that can be easily customised and implemented across all team websites. Additionally, Sportradar will also develop a digital media match-report for further data visualisation specifically aimed at media audiences.

Managing Director spusu LIGA & spusu CHALLENGE, Thomas Berger said: "Over 300 games are scouted by this partnership each season. For us, this is a huge structural milestone, but also a great challenge. This step and this partnership will enable us to offer our stakeholders an unprecedented breadth and depth of data in the future and will bring more attention to the leagues.

Sportradar Handball Product Manager, Tobias Jürgens added: “Handball is the most exciting upcoming sport in Austria and we are very excited about the collaboration between Sportradar and the spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE for these coming years. It will be a great opportunity to develop cutting-edge data products and services and help to increase the awareness of the leagues and handball in Austria, across Europe and the world”.

Throughout the partnership, both sides will continue to work on further innovative technologies and business models to improve the data collection and distribution processes.

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