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Bolivia Basketball Federation begin FIBA PLUS Strategic Planning Program


TARIJA (Bolivia) - FIBA and the Bolivia Basketball Federation (FBB) are pleased to announce the launch of the FIBA PLUS Strategic Planning Program. 

The FIBA PLUS Strategic Planning Program is one of the initiatives undertaken by FIBA, as part of its 2019-2023 strategy, to "Empower National Federations" to reach their full potential and will help build a stronger foundation for basketball in the South American country.

This initiative, delivered by FIBA, is a tailor-made program for Bolivia Basketball with the aim to put in place correct strategies for its specific needs to improve the federation's capacity to organize, professionalize and commercialize its basketball activities, ensuring the game's successful development in Bolivia.

Bolivia Basketball Federation President, Juan Luis Coronado Deranja, said: "We are very happy to commence the FIBA PLUS program and we are sure that this initiative will help the development of Bolivian basketball. We thank FIBA and the FIBA Regional Office of Americas for supporting us". 

After discussions with the FBB and its external stakeholders to better understand how the federation works, the environment in which it operates and its goals, FIBA will first support the FBB to help complete a situation analysis. This analysis will provide information for the FBB Board Members to consider when defining their future focus and developing their plan and provide necessary performance baselines and benchmarks that the federation can use to measure its future growth and progress.

Throughout the FIBA PLUS Strategic Planning Program, Bolivia Basketball will define goals, develop SMART objectives and detailed action plans, at least for the next 24 months. FIBA will support the FBB along the way with strong mentoring, workshops and tailored assistance. A monitoring process will also be used to re-evaluate the strategy regularly to ensure it's still right for the needs of the federation. All workshop sessions will be conducted via videoconference.

FIBA Executive Committee member and FIBA Americas President Carol Callan said: "With one of the main focus areas of FIBA for the cycle of 2019-2023 the development of National Federations, the FIBA PLUS Strategic Planning Program will provide the Bolivia Basketball Federation with a high level of expertise, knowledge and practical guidance on each step of their strategic planning process. National Federations are a key driver of development in each country and I look forward to seeing their progress soon."

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