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CAS Rio: The CAS ad hoc division in Rio closes with a total of 28 procedures registered

CAS Rio: The CAS ad hoc division in Rio closes with a total of 28 procedures registered

Press Release

21 August 2016 – The ad hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 rendered its last decision earlier today in the arbitration between the Iranian weightlifter Behdad Salimi (+105kg), the Iranian National Olympic Committee (the Applicants) and the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), following a protest filed by the Applicants in relation to a decision of the Competition Jury to overturn the decision of the Referee to validate Salimi’s 2nd attempt at lifting 245kg in the clean and jerk event on 16 August 2016. 

The CAS Panel in charge of this matter retained jurisdiction but rejected the appeal. It considered that the dispute was related to a “field-of-play decision” and has confirmed the CAS jurisprudence that CAS arbitrators do not overturn the decisions made on the playing field by judges, referees, umpires or other officials charged with applying the rules of the game unless there is some evidence that the rule was applied arbitrarily or in bad faith. 

The full award with the grounds has been published on the CAS website. 

It is the last award rendered by the CAS ad hoc Division at the Rio Olympic Games. In total, 28 applications have been registered by the CAS ad hoc Division, setting a new record of cases for one edition of the Olympic Games (formerly 15 cases registered in Sydney 2000). However, such exceptional record must take into account the fact that 16 of the 28 procedures were related to the status/eligibility of Russian athletes, following the IOC EB decision of 24 July 2016 in relation to the eligibility of Russian athletes for the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

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