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Court of Arbitration for sport decision – Kim Mottrom

Court of Arbitration for sport decision – Kim Mottrom

Press Release

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) today acknowledged the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to sanction race walker Kim Mottrom for the presence and use of the prohibited substance dextran.

It is the first time an athlete has been sanctioned for using dextran anywhere in the world, and ASADA's success in proving the violation was ultimately determined by complex scientific evidence.

Dextran is a prohibited substance because it increases the amount of oxygen carried by blood cells, and can be a masking agent for steroids. It would not be effective if consumed orally, so the substance is only banned if it is administered to an athlete intravenously.

This meant that although Mr Mottrom returned a positive sample, ASADA also had to prove how the substance had been delivered to the athlete.

Scientific testimony showed that the level of dextran found in Mr Mottrom's ‟B‟ sample was 26 times higher than the level permitted under the World Anti-Doping Code.

In handing down its decision, CAS found that, “No expert accepted the significant level of dextran found analytically could have been absorbed orally.” CAS was “comfortably satisfied on the evidence the dextran detected in the athlete's sample was by intravenous administration.

CAS handed Mr Mottrom a two year ban, backdated to the beginning of his provisional suspension in 2014, which means his period of ineligibility has now been served. The matter was delayed due to a number of substantive issues in the lead up to the final hearing before CAS.

As a result of the CAS decision, all of Mr Mottrom‟s results from 15 December 2013 are rendered void. This specifically includes the 2013 Australian 50km Race Walking Championship and the 2016 Australian 20km Race Walking Championship. The sanction imposed by Athletics Australia also requires Mr Mottrom to return his 2013 50km championship medallion.

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