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FIFPro encourages policy makers to strengthen player rights


Press Release

7th December 2020,

FIFPRO was among football stakeholders heard by the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) last week.

FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann discussed ways to strengthen solidarity within football, protect the rights of young players and collective decision-making. Other issues discussed included cooperation between football organisations and public authorities, and how to strengthen the role of women in football.

The aim of the hearing, via three round tables, was to provide the committee with practical insights for the Council of Europe’s report on “Football governance: business and values”. Other participating stakeholders included FIFA, UEFA, European Leagues, European Clubs Association and fan organisations.

Baer-Hoffmann said “it is critical that we do not only reflect upon how we can grow out of this crisis from a competition structure perspective but what bigger value systems are applied.

“Many of these the Council of Europe already stands for, such as solidarity and how we drive an inclusive and fair game. It is critical for our industry to identify better mechanisms to provide sustainable career paths for players across markets and how we deal with discrimination. This is still a massive problem. As we saw in the season before the coronavirus hit us, we had every weekend scandals of racial abuse of players in stadia.

“But it also concerns – and this is a critical element – labour relations. We have not been able to tackle this as a sport, and it is everybody's responsibility, ourselves included, that many players, male and female, are still working under conditions that are unacceptable and that do not comply with what we would consider decent and dignified employment for anybody working in this industry.”

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