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GLMS' November 2021 Monthly Newsletter!


Welcome to our November 2021 Newsletter!

Message from the President

Dear all,

I am pleased to share with you our recent news in the GLMS November 2021 newsletter.

We have been active on the educational and monitoring fronts, sharing the perspective of the betting operators in addressing sports manipulations, through our partner project, Integrisport Next, as well as to public authorities in KCOOS+ and football federations in the FIFA Global Integrity Programme. We have also been very actively sharing monitoring information in the framework of the Council of Europe's FLAGS project targeting countries across the world.

In October, we were also part of the 3rd statutory committee meeting of the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, at which we are a regular observer, and contributed to the determination of the list of sports organisations under the umbrella of the Macolin Convention, as well as terms of reference for the now Advisory Group of National Platforms of the Macolin Committee, generally known as the Group of Copenhagen.

We are entering a busy period; we are increasingly engaging with relevant stakeholders to ensure the integrity of competitions with our monitoring activities and integrity reports. We are also preparing the organisation of our first hybrid event, the closing of the successful Integriball project, where we contributed to building an education curriculum for grassroots children and senior women footballers across Europe on addressing match-fixing.

Finally, look out for our third quarterly report which was published in October!

Yours in Integrity,

Ludovico Calvi

GLMS President

For the latest updates:


GLMS participates in the 3rd Follow Up Committee meeting of the Macolin Convention

Represented by GLMS delegate to the Committee, Cassandra Fernandes and GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, GLMS participated on -as a regular observer to the Macolin Convention's statutory Follow-Up committee, attended the third meeting of the Committee, held online on 11-12 October. Discussions and decisions included the Action Plan 2022-2025 ,  terms of reference for the Group of Copenhagen, now an advisory group to the Committee, the list of "sports organisations" that would be within the Macolin Convention.

GLMS and European Lotteries participate in CoE KCOOS+ European Online Networking Session

The Keep Crime Out of Sport + (KCOOS+) project  of the Council of Europe is back full speed with a rich variety of activities scheduled until December 2021. These activities include the update of the Macolin Club House, national and international facilitation meetings (e.g. workshops, webinars, or bilateral technical assistance), as well as capacity and confidence building fora with a strong international and global perspective.

As a regional capacity and confidence building forum, the European Online Networking Session was organised on 8 October 2021, as a National Platform peer-to-peer workshop with inputs from key European stakeholders.

GLMS and the European Lotteries both participated, represented by GLMS Legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes and EL Senior Policy Officer & Sport Secretary, Alvise Angelini. Cassandra and Alvise jointly presented the role and activities of the lottery sector in addressing sport integrity, working within national platforms and engaging in effective monitoring and analysis activities to address the threat of sports manipulations to competitions.

GLMS participates in FIFA-UNODC Global Integrity Programme for African Football Federations and public authorities

Represented by  Legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes, GLMS delivered, to CAF Football federations in October, an educational presentation on betting in football and national co-operation between associations and betting operators.

FIFA, in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), launched in March 2021, the Global Integrity Programme – a comprehensive international programme aimed at providing all 211 member associations with enhanced knowledge and tools to fight and prevent match manipulation.

Operational Update

10 matches alerted to Members and Partners in October

GLMS Operations’ team distributed alerts on 10 matches in October.  Other than that, 2 analysis-reports were developed upon request of members and partners.

Also look our  Quarter 3 intelligence and monitoring report is out - !

For further information on the GLMS monitoring work, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GLMS Members: The monthly detailed monitoring report and policy update has been sent to your inboxes! Please Contact us if you have any issues!


GLMS Associate supplier member, IGT, enters the new Dutch online market

IGT has entered a multi-year agreement with Holland Casino to expand its PlayCasino footprint in the Netherlands.

This agreement is the latest in a string of partnerships that IGT has entered into in recent months as the firm seeks to grow in different key areas globally. Other operators it has partnered with recently include Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis and WestLotto Read more at LotteryDaily


GLMS is a proud partner of a number of relevant projects in the field of sport integrity

Integriball - the ERASMUS+ project providing education on identifying and acting out against sports manipulations among grassroots boys and girls and senior women football players, has completed its implementation phase and will have its closing session in a hybrid format, hosted by GLMS in Lausanne, Switzerland on 30 November 2021. The project provided education seminars for youth and women football players across the football federations of Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

Integrisport Next

is a next phase project run by CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, with GLMS as a partner,  following on from Integrisport and will run from Jan 2021 until Dec 2022, involving law enforcement and judiciary from Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Malta and Sweden. Currently, the awareness raising sessions are underway, with Estonia in September, and Finland and Sweden in November 2021.

KCOOS+ <https://glms-sport.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d3dd17a9afdcf674100aa8954&id=02465d242b&e=0ecbf43990> of the Council of Europe is back full speed with a rich variety of activities scheduled until December 2021. These activities include the update of the Macolin Club House, national and international facilitation meetings (e.g. workshops, webinars, or bilateral technical assistance), as well as capacity and confidence building fora with a strong international and global perspective. Currently arious online workshops are underway.

Macolin Convention

The third Follow-up committee meeting of the States Parties to the Convention took place via videostream, due to COVID-19 in October 2021, generating a number of important decisions, including the action plan 2021-2025.


Read More <https://glms-sport.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d3dd17a9afdcf674100aa8954&id=b80f3a16b4&e=0ecbf43990>

Sports Policy Updates

Feel free to share any news you find relevant for the sport integrity network!

Sports Integrity News:

Jari Vahanen, formerly at the Finnish lottery, Veikkaus, wrote a special article on GLMS and the work of the lotteries in the sport integrity sector.

Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), which agreed a partnership in July 2020, are investigating foreign football (soccer) club ownership in Australia’s A-League.

MORE INFORMATION <https://glms-sport.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d3dd17a9afdcf674100aa8954&id=12d0256a9


Ecory's, an international provider of research, consulting, programme management and communications services,  has published a recent report entitled ''From Policy to Experience: Sport and Physical Activity'', based on interviews with experts and European projects in which they have been involved.

MORE INFORMATION <https://glms-sport.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d3dd17a9afdcf674100aa8954&id=c34abe7a49&e=0ecbf43990>

FIFA has launched a new commentary to supplement the Regulations on Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP), the first of which was adopted in 2001 following cooperation and negotiations between FIFA and the European Commission. The 2021 Commentary aims to support football associations, clubs, players, leagues and football legal experts towards a consistent implementation of the rules across the global football community.

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