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Indian sports law update 25 Feb 2014

Indian Hockey Players

The Supreme Court dismisses the Indian Hockey Federation’s plea for international recognition

According to a Business Standard article, the Supreme Court dismissed the Indian Hockey Federation’s (IHF) plea to “implead International Hockey Federation (FIH) in its plea for recognition by the international body controlling hockey events.

The Supreme Court explained that the jurisdiction of Indian courts does not hold for international organizations. The Court further clarified that the international governing body will decide on its members. 

The Supreme Court was later told that the FIH has created a threemember committee to decide whether IHF or Hockey India will represent Indian hockey on the international circuit. There has not been a date released for when the FIH's threemember committee will make its decision.

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The Indian Premier League 2014 will be played outside India till May 11


According to the Economic Times article, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 season will start outside of India as Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, stated that his ministry would not be able to provide the necessary level of security for the IPL till May 11th with India's next general, or Lok Sabha, elections underway when the IPL starts in April. As more security will be necessary during a national election than during the past IPL tournaments, the IPL governing body and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will have to move the IPL to South Africa or the United Arab Emirates until May 11th. However, South Africa explained that it has not received any request from India yet.

The Business Standard article explained that when the IPL was suddenly moved to South Africa in 2009 the television rates and ad sales revenue both dropped because of the location change. Knowing the effects in 2009, the franchises and broadcasting companies are concerned about the IPL being moved out of India this year. As for broadcasting concerns related to the time difference, the BCCI has confirmed that all IPL matches will be broadcasted at the same time slots as they would be in India. Regardless of confirming that the timings will remain consistent, broadcasting companies, like Multi Screen Media, have pointed out that advertisers may not spend as much on the IPL "as the viewership is likely to be hit with the event not being held in India." Franchises made the most during ticket sales and hosting teams in India during the past IPL tournaments. Companies like PepsiCo India hope that the BCCI and IPL officials will be able to "find a solution in the best interest of all stakeholders." However, there is a "relatively low market share in South Africa" for PepsiCo India; Pepsi is the title sponsor for the IPL. The BCCI may have to refund the top IPL franchises depending on the effects of starting the IPL outside of India. 

As of Friday, the BCCI and IPL officials have decided that the first half of the IPL will be played outside of India, according to the SportsBusiness†article. The BCCI and IPL governing body has yet to select South Africa or the UAE to host the IPL7 2014.

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