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ITA webinar – Integrity of Competition – Cheating in sport: preventing competition manipulation and doping

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This month we will address the wider topic of integrity in sport with a focus on competition manipulation.

Betting, match-fixing, sharing inside information and doping in sport are all forms of cheating, running contrary to the idea of a clean and fair field of play. We will examine each of these areas with our expert panel and an athlete guest. We will also look at how personal and sport values affect decision-making and how moments of vulnerability can lead to taking poor decisions. In turn, we will discuss how this can lead to personal, social and economic consequences.

Join us for this interactive session where we challenge you to learn more about yourself and the values that are most important to you and your fellow athletes and colleagues in sport.

We are very pleased to deliver these webinars in English with simultaneous translation to four additional languages – Arabic (العربي), Spanish (español), French (français) and Russian (русский).

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