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New Edition of the Sports Law Yearbook 2017/18 - UK, Ireland and EU now available

Sports Law Yearbook covers for last three editions

We are pleased to announce that the third edition of the 'Sports Law Yearbook 2017/18 - UK, Ireland and EU' by LawInSport and the British Association for Sport and Law (BASL) is now available to purchase in electronic and hard copy.

Building on the success of the two earlier editions, the Yearbook contains legal commentary and analysis from over 30 leading sports lawyers from the UK, Ireland and Europe across 10 different chapters on:

  • Governance
  • EU Law
  • Commercial Rights
  • Employment Law
  • Discrimination and Equality
  • Media Rights
  • Integrity – Financial Corruption
  • Anti-Doping
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Participation and Safety

The Sports Law Yearbook identifies and reviews developing trends in the sports law markets of the UK, Ireland and Europe. To this end, the tone of the Yearbook is such to ensure that it is accessible to people from all backgrounds without sacrificing the accuracy or depth of the information.





1.1   Rod Findlay                     The year in review
1.2   Jack Anderson                 Making the case for a sports ombudsman in the UK
1.3   S. Cottrell, K.Carpenter      A review of the IAAF Governance Reforms
1.5   Simon Pentol                    The effects of the Criminal Finances Act on sports bodies



2.1   Angelique Bret                  The year in review
2.2   Benoit Keane                   Formula 1: Liberty Media’s race across the regulatory finish line
2.3   Daniel Geey                     What Brexit may mean for domestic football
2.4   Tom Barnard                    How the GDPR will apply to UK SGBs and how they can prepare



3.1   J. Walters, P. Shapiro       The year in review
3.2   W. Phelops, A. Gilchrist     The legal implications for big data, sports analytics & player metrics under GDPR
3.3   Rhys Linnel                      eSports and UK tax: key tips for player, teams and events organizers
3.4   Sean Corbett                    An IP case round-up



4.1   Andrew Smith                   The year in review
4.2   Phil Bonner                      A review of England’s current home grown player requirements
4.3   Nicola Parkinson               The legality of employment benefit trusts: The SC decision in Rangers FC case
4.4   James Hill                        Denny Soloman transfer:  Does the case set a new precedent?



5.1   Lydia Banerjee                 The year in review
5.2   Richard Yates                  UK Athletics' creation of a new Athletics Commission
5.3   Graham Gilbert                 Sexism in football and the independence of disciplinary panels:  Issues from the David Moyes case
5.4   Liz Reily                          A review of transgenderism & human rights issues in sport


MEDIA RIGHTS               

6.1   Andrew Ryan                    The year in review
6.2   Dylan Kerrigan                  An update on the Digital Single Market
6.3   Nick Fitzpatrick                Copyright protection & enforcement
6.4   Alex Slade                       A view on the market and the year ahead



7.1   Adam Brickell                   The year in review
7.2   Michael Savva                  An update on Financial Fair Play:  The Neymar Case
7.3   Nick de Marco                  Betting and football's ticking time bomb: Joey Barton v The FA
7.4   Louise Millington-Roberts   Ticket fraud: UK's legislative developments to regulate the secondary ticket market
7.5   L.Weston, G. White           Why sports needs a unified approach to sanctions for corruption offences
7.6   Ross Singer, Jamie Brown Can suspicious betting alerts prove match fixing? The case of KS Skënderbeu v UEFA



8.1   Rupert Beloff                   The year in review (inc. key changes to WADAs 2018 Prohibited List)
8.2   P. Greene, T Kasalo          Key challenges in contaminated supplement cases: The Arijan Ademi decision
8.3   Z. Shihab, J. Thorndyke    How to recover prize money from doping athletes: The Shobukhova case
8.4   Markus Manninen             Exceptions to retroactive disqualification of competitive results for doping offences
8.5   Andrew Smith                  Speak up”! Wada’s reforms to its whistleblowing policies, procedures & systems                                                 


9.1   Rick Liddell                      The year in review
9.2   John Mehrzad                  Who has jurisdiction over international transfer disputes?
9.3   Graham Gilbert                Should cross-code conduct be considered in mitigation in Rugby disciplinary cases?
9.4   Lloyd Thomas                  Transfer of minors: The legality of buy-out clauses in Spanish football contracts



10.1 Mark James                     The year in review
10.2 Christopher Hurlston         An overview of the current investigations into abuse in UK football
10.3 John Shea                        6 key lessons for clubs on protection of minors from Barce & Real Madrid appeals
10.4 Nina Goolamali                 Bullying and harassment: A review of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and its application in sport

We would like to sincerely thank all of our authors who contributed towards this Yearbook for their enthusiasm, energy, expertise and professionalism in working with us throughout the process.


Accessing The Yearbook

The Yearbook can also be purchased by members without a yearly membership in digital form for £90 or purchase a hard copy for £120 here.

LawInSport Plus members with an annual subscription & BASL members are eligible to:

  • Access to all three editions of the digital version of the Yearbook for free;
  • Purchase a hard copy print versions of the Yearbook at the reduced price of £60 (50% off) for a limited period; and,
  • Receive a complimentary digital copies of last year's and this year's Sports Law Yearbooks.

Note: LawInSport Plus members with an annual subscription (£146) are also receive:

  • Unlimited access to LawInSports catalogue of 1,700+ peer-reviewed articles
  • Discounted tickets to LawInSport seminars and networking events
  • £100+ off the full ticket price for our annual conference, Understand the Rules of the GameTM 2018, which will take place in London on the 13 & 14 September 2018. 



If you require further information about  the Sports Yearbook 2017/2018 or membership to LawInSport, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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