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Norway calls on Sportradar to support Macolin Convention’s anti match manipulation National Platform

Norway calls on Sportradar to support Macolin Convention’s anti match manipulation National Platform

Press Release

7 December 2016 - With European countries beginning to assemble National Platforms in accordance with the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, today, Norway’s National Platform has put pen to paper on a partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services. Under the terms of the relationship, the global leader in matchfixing prevention, detection and intelligence will work closely with the team at the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority across a range of the country’s sports and competitions.

Under the terms of the Convention, signatories are required to identify or assemble a National Platform, which is to address manipulation of sports competitions and co-ordinate that country’s fight against match fixing. Norway, one of the first countries in Europe to assemble their National Platform, have put together a team which currently sits within the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority. Sportradar, who monitor odds movements at over 550 operators worldwide, will now work with this team to assist with the identification, development and investigation of match-fixing incidents as and when they occur.

Henrik Nordal, Senior Advisor on the Norwegian National Platform team, outlined the following: “Norway has been able to forge on with setting up its National Platform, having ratified the Macolin Convention at the end of 2014. We are now at the phase where we are putting all the pieces in place, all the systems and processes and relationships in place that will consolidate our country’s defences and protect the integrity of our sports. Sportradar’s expertise and tools around detection and intelligence are a crucial part of those defences and we look forward to working with their specialists over the coming years.

Andreas Krannich, Managing Director Integrity Services at Sportradar added: “There is now a growing momentum at the highest levels of the European Union and countries in Europe to push match-fixing higher up the list of priorities. Nowhere is that more clear than in Norway, and we are truly honoured that the years we have spent working closely with sporting federations and law enforcement agencies have put us in a position where we can become the partner of choice for National Platforms as they begin finalizing their structures and set ups. This is an important time for how matchfixing is combatted and we remain committed to working with those that are leading the charge."

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