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Notice of a forthcoming Disciplinary Panel hearing (Richie McGrath and Mark Aspey)

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As has been previously publicised, licensed jockey Richie McGrath and registered person Mark Aspey have been informed they are to be charged with breaches of the Rules of Racing as laid out below, in a hearing commencing on Monday 23 March at 10:30am.

Richie McGrath and Mark Aspey

  1. Whether Richie McGrath and Mark Aspey, in the period between about 1 October 2009 and 18 July 2012, acted in breach of Rule (A) 41.2 by conspiring together and/or with others unknown to commit a corrupt or fraudulent practice, namely the use of inside information about the likely performance of horses for betting purposes when:
    1. the information was (i) known by a licensed jockey, Richie McGrath, as a result of acting as a licensed jockey and (ii) not information in the public domain or regarded as such under the Rules of Racing (and hence ‘Inside Information’ as defined within Rule (A) 36) and would provide a bettor with an unfair advantage in the betting market.
    2. the information was or included the fact that Richie McGrath was prepared, if necessary, to omit to ride the horses on their merits so as to prevent it from winning or being placed in the race.
  2. Whether Richie McGrath acted in breach of Rule (B) 59.2 by intentionally failing to ensure that he rode the horses set out in the additional table of races on their merits.

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