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Premiership Rugby Regulation 2020-21

Premiership Rugby

In terms of the key changes, we'd like to draw your attention to the following:

Fixture Management/Cancellations/Points Allocation In the event that a match is cancelled there is no ability to postpone or replay fixtures beyond the same weekend, as such the Regulations (4.4(i) & (j) and Schedule 5 provide for how the match & league points shall allocated.

Replacements For avoidance of doubt, each team playing in the Premiership must have at least six (6) fit and able Players in the squad in order to start a match with contested scrums and also have a replacement at hooker, tight head prop and loose head prop (who are suitably trained and experienced). In the event that a Club is unable to have those six players in a match squad, the Match shall be cancelled.

Player Registration For the purposes of the Season 2020-21 season only: • the Transfer Deadline for Premiership Clubs will be disapplied; and • in the event that a Club requests that an extension of the registration deadline of 12 noon (as set out in RFU Regulation 14.5.8), then the RFU will allow this deadline to be extended for that Club to 5pm on that day if it satisfied that the Club has a lack of available players because of Covid-19, and only by allowing such extension would a Club be able to field a matchday 23.

Inducement & Approaches This has changed to reflect World Rugby Regulations whereby an approach can now be made in the last 12 months, rather than 6 months (i.e. 1 January) as was set out in previous regulations.

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