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Request for stay filed by Real Madrid CF granted by the CAS

Request for stay filed by Real Madrid CF granted by the CAS

Press Release

16 September 2016 - The Spanish club Real Madrid CF has informed the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that it will file an appeal within the next days against the decision rendered by the FIFA Appeals Committee on 8 September 2016, confirming the decision previously taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on 23 July 2015, following an alleged breach of the FIFA Rules concerning the transfer of minor players. Pursuant to such FIFA decision, Real Madrid is prevented from registering any players at national and international level for the next two complete and consecutive registration periods.

Prior to the filing of the appeal, Real Madrid CF has requested urgent interim measures from CAS in order to stay the execution of Point 6 of the FIFA decision. Such request was granted by CAS earlier today. Accordingly, only Point 6 of the decision is suspended, pending the outcome of the appeal due to be filed with the CAS in the coming days. The other elements of the FIFA decision remain in force for the time being.

Point 6 of the FIFA decision reads as follows (free translation from the original Spanish text):

"Real Madrid CF is granted with a term of 90 days to regularize the situation of the minors within the club. In particular the club shall present, without further delay, the relevant requests to the Subcommittee appointed by the Player’s Status Committee and comply with all the relevant rules and regulations with respect to the specific cases. Should the club obtain the approval of the subcommittee for registration/transfer of a player, the club shall be exempt of the prohibition imposed by the present decision for the registration/transfer of the authorized minor."

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