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UEFA announces bidding process for potential UEFA EURO 2028 hosts


UEFA has announced that its member associations interested in hosting UEFA EURO 2028 have until March 2022 to declare their interest, with the appointment of the host(s) set to take place in September 2023

UEFA EURO 2028 is set to take place over 51 matches and feature 24 teams, as has been the case for the previous two tournaments. Joint bids are permitted, provided that the bidding countries are geographically compact.

Interested parties will need to provide 10 stadiums, with the following capacities:

• Minimum of 1 stadium with at least 60,000 net seating capacity

• Minimum of 1 stadium, preferably 2 stadiums, with at least 50,000 net seating capacity

• Minimum of 4 stadiums with at least 40,000 net seating capacity

• Minimum of 3 stadiums with at least 30,000 net seating capacity

The bidding timeline, which interested parties will need to follow, can be found here:

• 23 March 2022 – Deadline for national associations to confirm their interest to bid

• 30 March 2022 – Bid requirements are made available to the bidders

• 5 April 2022 – Announcement of bidders by UEFA

• 12 April 2023 – Final Bid dossier submission deadline

• September 2023 – Appointment of host(s) of UEFA EURO 2028

In order to ensure compatibility with the competition’s sporting and commercial format, the automatic qualification of the host team(s) shall be guaranteed only for a single host or a maximum of two joint host associations, as always implemented in the past.

In case of more than two joint host associations, the automatic qualification of all the host teams cannot be guaranteed and shall be subject to a decision to be made in conjunction with decisions concerning the qualifying competition.

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