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UEFA, Premier League and Canal+ International welcome final binding anti-piracy decision in Rwanda


Rwandan broadcaster Victory TV ordered to cease the unlawful broadcast of UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches following decision taken by the Court of Appeal of Kigali

UEFA, the organiser, and owner, inter alia, of the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, organiser and owner of the English Premier League and Canal+ International, their French broadcast partner for these competitions in the territory of the Republic of Rwanda, welcome the decision No RCOMAA 00093/2020/CA rendered on 16 July 2021 in their favour by the Court of Appeal of Kigali against the Rwandan TV channel “Victory TV Ltd”.

The Court considered that the appeal was filed after the time limit prescribed by law.

Therefore, the earlier decision, which had ordered the operator of the TV channel to cease the unlawful broadcast of English Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches in the territory of Rwanda, is final and binding.

UEFA, the Premier League and Canal+ International trust that their rights will now be fully respected by Victory TV. They rely on the authorities of Rwanda and more particularly on RURA (Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority) to monitor the situation and make sure that Victory TV no longer infringes their rights and complies with all applicable laws.

UEFA and the Premier League note that the making available of footage of their respective competitions without authorisation is an infringement of their intellectual property rights and are pleased to see this principle (and the protection of our rights) has been robustly supported by the Rwandan courts of law and the regulatory authority.

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