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UEFA’s long-term commitment to support the LGBTQI+ community


With Pride month now behind us, UEFA recognises the importance of carrying the momentum of this important international celebration and its role in developing LGBTQI+ awareness within football and across broader society.

UEFA is committed to making football a safe and welcoming environment for everybody, independent of who we love, our gender identification or gender expression. Therefore, each of us should be able to experience and engage fully with this beautiful game while feeling respected and supported by our teammates, opponents, community and relevant institutions.

To ensure this, UEFA has set clear long-term goals and objectives to help overcome the difficulties faced by the LGBTQI+ community. Advocating respect for human rights is essential to UEFA and a vital pillar of UEFA's Football Sustainability Strategy.

Over the next 12 months, UEFA will work with its partners toward building an environment in football that is safe and inclusive for LGBTQI+ individuals and groups.

This work will include:

- Developing education programmes across UEFA's 55 national associations, based on the content of UEFA’s award-winning documentary, OUTRAGED. LGBTQI+ inclusion will be one of five modules.

- A new project focused on preventing, monitoring and moderating of online abuse and discrimination.

- Displaying the rainbow colours on the centreboard of the UEFA Women’s EURO opening match to acknowledge the importance of Pride month.

UEFA will continue to work with its partners to ensure these steps are part of an ongoing journey to encourage tolerance and inclusion within football and wider society.

The original press release can be found here : https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/news/0277-158b7fbe22f2-258998716c10-1000--uefa-s-long-term-commitment-to-support-the-lgbtqi-community/

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