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UKAD statement following the release of second McLaren Report

UKAD statement following the release of second McLaren Report

Press Release

9 December 2016 - Following the release of the second report by Richard McLaren, UK Anti-Doping Chief Executive, Nicole Sapstead, said:

"Today’s report from Richard McLaren is hugely significant for sport and those who fight to keep it clean. Everyone engaged in sport needs to ensure that the right processes, sanctions and safeguards are in place to protect everyones right to clean, fair and honest sport.

Both the McLaren and Pound reports have demonstrated the importance of investigations. They have also highlighted that such investigations take time and require a great deal of financial investment. It is clear that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the National Anti-Doping Organisations around the world must be given the powers and resources they need to carry out investigations. 

In a landscape where anti-doping is woefully underfunded, more money needs to be found to support investigations. The sports, many of which receive considerable income from commercial activities, need to step-up and help anti-doping organisations.

2016 has also shown that whilst athletes are held to account under the World Anti-Doping Code every day of the year, when it comes to a country demonstrating a disregard for the rules, the same sort of sanctions do not apply. WADA needs support and the ability to apply the right sanctions so that this type of situation cannot happen again. The rules and consequences should be clear whether its for a country, an international federation or an athlete.

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