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Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Esports - IESF's Member Nation


To succeed in our mission to create a united World Esport we need really big support and the biggest support we get is from our 111 Member nations, national federations from all around the world!

It’s really important to show you who are our Member Nations!

Today we are presenting the Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Esports.

When did you founded the federation?

The Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Sports was legally and officially constituted in the city of Caracas on June 7, 2018.

Which games are most played in your country?

In Venezuela there is great potential in various genres, among which the following stand out:

Strategy: League of Legends, Dota 2

Fighting Games: Tekken 7, Street fighter V, Soul Calibur VI

Sports: FIFA 21, PES, Sim Racing

Shooters: Fortnite, Valorant

Mobile: Clash royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, League of Legends: Wild Rift.

In which games/Esports do you have a representation?

Currently we have good level players in the genres and titles mentioned above among others, in fact this year was our first participation in the WC IESF and after the South American regional qualifiers we consolidated our place in the finals in Eilat by Tekken 7, for which we hope to continue gaining spaces in the competitive regional and international circuits.

What is the average age of the players in the national team?

The ages vary between 17 and 35 years.

How would you describe in one word the state of Esports in your country?


How has the establishment of the federation helped Esports in your country?

Mainly consolidating for our youth, a new platform founded with the purpose of guaranteeing without discrimination of social condition, race, age or creed the access and practice of esports.

As well as organizing, governing, coordinating, projecting and exalting new areas of development, academic, professionalization and business models, recognized and affiliated with the highest institutional instances such as the Ministry of Sports, and the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, among others.

In what ways does the federation help Esports in your country?

Currently our organization is promoting a series of university academic agreements whose purpose will be to support entrepreneurship, research areas and specialization through classes or courses, generate publications, certifications and events.

All this with the purpose of training future professionals to join the growth and development of the national esports ecosystem.

We also hope to start stimulating investment from local companies to support and create arenas and high-performance esports centers to accelerate the massification process organically.

What are your future plans for the federation?

We are focusing all our efforts to consolidate our strategic plan that includes the following objectives:

• Technology Transfer

• Legal support for its constitution

• The massification and development of athletes.

• Recovery of the Social Environment

• Professional and Specialized Development

• Creation, Measurement and Publication of studies nationally and internationally

• That our events become a new space of Inclusion for Venezuelan Youth

• Continue undertaking Social Stewardship Initiatives

• Promote new business and investment models for the country

• Provide Training, Training to the technical component of the organization

• Capitalize the work that has been done in a self-managed way

• Promote Cultural exchanges

• Position the country as a vanguard worldwide

• Encourage companies and institutions to become sponsors

• Create a culture of responsible access to the use of new technologies

• Development of the national competitive structure.

What is your federation’s biggest achievement?

Among the most important achievements, we consider meeting all the requirements until later we become an affiliated organization of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV), at the same time we carry out the procedures before the National Institute of Sports (IND) where, thanks to our perseverance, we have opened to the category of “Electronic Sports” in the national sports registry, which paved the way for the formalization of the discipline at the highest levels in Venezuela.

Another invaluable contribution to the eSport movement in our country has been obtaining international recognition and certifications as a full member of the International Esport Federation (IESF), the World Esports Consortium (WESCO), the Pan-American Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), which in recognition of my career as a leader, I am appointed as a member of the Board of Directors, where we hope to continue supporting the continental movement.

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