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Sports Law Bar Association of Ireland - Tim O'Connor and Robert McTernaghan - Episode 61

Podcast with Tim O'Connor and Robert McTernaghan
Friday, 02 March 2018

In this episode two founding members of the Sports Law Bar Association of Ireland Tim O'Connor and Robert McTernaghan talk about how the association was established and the topics of the inaugural conference on 23 February which included presentations on evidence-based changes to sports rules, concussion and anti-doping.

Tim O'Connor BL (@timoconnorbl ) and Robert McTernaghan (@nisportslaw) are both a practising barrister. Tim has a special interest in rugby and the law. He has published, spoken and blogged on concussion, liability, player eligibility issues and disciplinary challenges in rugby, as well as appearing for clients in rugby-related cases. Robert is a sports lawyer and sits as an arbitrator for the GAA and a part-time lecturer at the University of Ulster.

The Sports Law Bar Association of Ireland is an all-Ireland association of barristers with specialist sports law knowledge and practices. It aims to increase awareness of sports law and support barristers in providing the most up-to-date advice to sports law clients.

Conference Program

Chair: The Hon. Mr Justice David Barniville
Dr. Ross Tucker, Science and Research Consultant, World Rugby: Evidence-based changes in sports rules
Tim O’Connor BL: Irish sport and concussion liability
Louise Reilly BL: Developments in anti-doping law

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