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Frankfurt Kurnit's Sports Group represents a wide variety of clients, including leagues, teams, governing bodies, and other rights holders; leading corporate sponsors, sports brands, fitness brands, marketing agencies, multi-media organizations, and content distributors; and well-known athletes, management companies, coaches, sportscasters, sportswriters, and executives.  We are able to assist with the following:

  • Activate Sponsorships and Related Marketing Campaigns: We advise both sponsors and sports properties on the structure and negotiation of sponsorship and endorsement arrangements, and we help develop and clear the related marketing campaigns.

  • Develop and Protect Sports Brands:  We advise sports brands and other intellectual property holders on worldwide brand development, creation of branding strategies, and licensing and protection of intellectual property.  We also develop and protect trademarks, publicity rights, and other intellectual property rights, and supervise client licensing programs.

  • Negotiate Individual Athlete Agreements: We help individual athletes with their off-the-field activities, including endorsements, charitable initiatives, and investments in ancillary businesses, and we negotiate and structure acting, broadcasting, public appearance, speaking engagement and other agreements.  With respect to global football, we are able to assist athletes with transfer agreements (particularly in and out of Major League Soccer.)

  • Structure Television, OTT, and Other Media Distribution Deals: The Sports Group negotiates and implements media arrangements for both traditional and new media platforms -- including online and mobile. We help clients structure content acquisition, distribution, development, production and other critical agreements.

  • Power Consumer Brands:  Few forms of entertainment can stir consumers to action the way sports can, and we counsel corporate sponsors seeking to align their marketing campaigns with high-profile sports properties and athletes.

  • Review and Clear Programming:  We vet sports documentary, entertainment, and commercial programming for producers, distributors, writers, agencies, and brands, and we recommend edits that help reduce the risk of infringement and other legal liability.

  • Create Promotions: We regularly advise on sweepstakes, skill contests, giveaways, coupons, rebates, and other promotions.

  • Advance “Cause” Marketing Initiatives: We advise our sports industry clients on ways to create marketing campaigns that support charitable causes – burnishing their brand image while boosting sales.

  • Negotiate Employment Contracts:  Our attorneys use their relationships and knowledge of industry customs to negotiate and structure competitive employment contracts for executives, athletes, and other sports industry professionals. And we help brands, agencies, and producers follow certain labor rules and contracts (such as those of the Screen Actors Guild).

  • Litigation and Arbitration:  Working with our Litigation Group, our Sports Group resolves intellectual property, licensing, media, and other sports industry disputes in federal and state court, as well as before arbitral panels.

  • Preserve and Manage Wealth and Organize Charitable Foundations:  Our Estate Planning and Charitable Organizations Groups can help individual sports industry clients set up tax-efficient estate plans and meet their philanthropic goals.

Our long-term experience in the media, entertainment, and advertising industries benefits sports clients and brands seeking to exploit entertainment, sponsorship, merchandising, and other ancillary revenue opportunities. We understand the sensibilities of celebrities and high-end talent, and we work collaboratively with other athlete representatives, such as wealth managers, agencies, and management companies.  Our deep bench of attorneys with intimate industry experience enables us to service a high volume of work in various areas – making us valuable to all sports industry constituents.


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