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Ian Hynes

Ian is the founding partner of Intersol Global, a company delivering investigation training, qualification, and external investigation services to the private sector. After 38 years in Law Enforcement, advising and conducting high-stakes investigations, he now leads a team applying those skills relevantly and proportionately across 8 market sectors, including sport and legal services.

He is a founder member of British Cycling’s Safeguarding Case Management Group, supporting investigation reviews and the development of policies to best secure the safety and well-being of people. Investigating to the civil standard of proof, using the highest contemporary standards, delivers safety, security and wellbeing, minimising risk for all stakeholders in the investigation case management process. 

In sport, amongst other achievements, he led the investigation support to Pinsents and Manchester City FC in the litigation investigation concerning Barry Bennell, a football coach convicted of raping young men over many years, and proudly boasts the following feedback from Jane Mulcahy QC who led the inquiry:

“The completion of this project, and the exceptionally high standards that were maintained, would not have been possible without the support of Intersol Global. As we say in the report, the expertise, commitment, support, and advice have been outstanding. It enabled us to focus the Review in exactly the way we and MCFC wanted – survivor-led and with unwavering professionalism, despite the pressures that came with it. I want to extend my most sincere thanks, and those of all our team and of MCFC, to you. When undertaking work of this nature, it is essential that the right partners are identified and engaged. We could not have made a better choice”.


His strategic role at Intersol Global is to extend their services and skills to sport and legal services, in connection with which he was delighted to receive this endorsement to the sector from Barrister Nick Hawkins:

“What makes Intersol Global stand out is their ability to add value to disciplinary and safeguarding matters, particularly when the matters concerned could amount to criminality. They can advise, train, and conduct investigations and uniquely offer externally accredited course to qualify investigators. Their directors are all consummate professionals committed to a high-quality service and their team of associates bring a wealth and breadth of experience. In my view, Intersol Global would have much to offer the sporting legal community”.

Ian’s mantra, and that of Intersol Global, is that poor investigation costs lives, livelihoods, and careers. That to professionalise today protects tomorrow.


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Ian Hynes

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